Macquarie University

Training Teacher for the Digital Age

In recent times, headlines have focused on the acute teacher shortage worldwide: Nigeria needs an additional 380,000 teachers, Indonesia 190,000, and by 2030, China will need 3.5M and India 3M. One recent article states: India shows a shortage of 1.4M trained teachers.

As technology has become more pervasive, it needs to be included in teacher training. There are several outstanding institutions particularly in the Asia Pacific region. One such leader is preparing teachers for the digital age.

Located in Sydney Australia, Macquarie University’s teacher-training program utilizes the latest technologies that can enhance pedagogy.

Based on proven learning outcomes, they chose to integrate these pedagogical approaches to advance their comprehensive training in the latest digital tools.

One of the program modules they’ve designed covers technologies such as augmented reality to help children achieve science and history outcomes, Minecraft (gamification) to help children achieve mathematics and human society and its environment outcomes, 3D printing so students could design environmentally sustainable houses or even animals that were adapted to their environment. And their latest technology integration, wearables.

It is good to see a university embrace the latest technologies for their pre-service teacher-training program. Macquarie University School of Education shines as a beacon to prepare teachers for the digital age.

According to an NMC Horizon Report on the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) for learning, there was a lack of school-based examples of its application. One of Australia’s leading universities recognized for high-quality research and unique undergraduate and postgraduate courses, Macquarie University’s ICT Innovation Centre (MacICT) took that as a challenge and launched a small innovative project to integrate into their live and online classes. Among the outcomes, students involved in the project felt strongly that augmented reality provides challenging and authentic design based learning tasks.

Since then, the following award-winning course including AR and other technologies was developed for pre-service teachers.

EDUC362: Digital Creativity and Learning Pre-Service Teacher emerging technology modules