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Embracing Digital Tools of the Millennial Trade

Now 77 million strong, millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest living generation.  Moreover, they are fast becoming the driving force behind today’s online college student population, especially given the unique history they share with modern technology – having also been the first cohort to grow up with the Internet and social media, cell phones and cable television.  

Thus, millennials are well-acquainted with – if not highly dependent on – the digital tools they use in their personal and professional lives.  Tools that empower them to connect and collaborate in a way that is immediate and efficient, interactive and self-directed.  Which is why they expect technology-enhanced education to replicate this user experience in the virtual classroom.  And when their expectations fall short or go unmet altogether, millennials are more likely to go in search of other alternatives.          

In addressing this challenge, creative online educators are beginning to incorporate some of these increasingly popular tools of the millennial trade into the virtual learning environment.    Continue reading “Embracing Digital Tools of the Millennial Trade”