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Blockchain: Is it Good for Education?

Many have written about the possible applications of blockchain in education. Trying to understand the capabilities of blockchain and how it works is like trying to understand the potential of the Internet by looking at Mosaic. That is a good analogy made by Oral Roberts University CIO, Mike Mathews.

Blockchain is very complicated to understand, especially for the non-technical person. There are too many possible applications to cover in a short blog. Let’s explore it by looking at academic credentials in blockchain.

You can dig deeper with Mike Mathews, Donald Clark, Anthony Camilleri, or an in-depth publication I will reference later. Hopefully, this blog will give a basic understanding and inspire you to explore more.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a public ledger type database made up of records called blocks that are linked together like a chain.  It is a shared unchallengeable ledger for recording the history of transactions. Continue reading “Blockchain: Is it Good for Education?”

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